Our valued customers can avail from us high quality Sunflower Oil. The offered oil is extracted from mature and healthy sunflowers, which are cultivated in our huge farm fields. These oils are widely used in restaurants, hotels and houses as frying oil for cooking various dishes and food items. It also contains a lot of nutrients that are beneficial for the body. The Sun Flower Oil is available in many packaging sizes for the various needs of our customers.

 We supply wide assortment of Refined Peanut Oil. We are a quality-conscious firm and for ensuring high quality of the products, we dedicatedly work in tune with the defined industry standards.

Corn oil is a 100% vegetable oil and non GMO.Refined Corn oil is edible oil and is refined, bleached and deodorized.Refined Corn oil is for use in salad dressing, salad oil, backing and frying.

RBD Palm Olein is the liquid product obtained from the fractionation of palm oil. The other product is called RBD Palm Stearin, and is in a solid state. RBD Palm Olein is a clear yellow liquid at room temperature. RBD Palm Olein is used as cooking oil and also in food preparation commercials. It is also used in oleo chemical industries as well as to make biodiesel and other cosmetic products.

 Soybean oil is a 100% vegetable oil from genetically modified soybeans.Refined Soyabean oil is edible oil and is refined, bleached and deodorized.Refined Soybean oil is for use in margarine, mayonnaise, salad dressing, salad oil, backing and frying.

RBD Coconut Oil is a light yellow liquid and would change into a semi solid in room temperature. For Crude Coconut Oil to be suitable for consumption, it must be refined, bleached and deodorized (RBD). RBD Coconut Oil is used in coconut-based cooking oil, for food processing commercial and in oleo chemical industries.

 Feature:Fresh and well frozen
Standard:Grade A,
Weight:25 kg/bag or upon buyer’s options.
Shelf Life:2 years.
Supply Time:All year round

 Fish oil is refined to reduce free fatty acid content, bleached to reduce the color and de-odorized to reduce odor. Fish oil supplement are considered to be an excellent source of Omega-3 acids.It can be also utilized for different industrial applications, including Alkyd resins for paint and polymer, ceramic deflocculates and release agents, rust inhibitors and water repellent.

 Our company will provide used cooking Oil under EU ISCC standard certification quality.The product has its smell and taste, free from rancidity or strange taste or smell.The product is clear and free of foreign matter.The product is free of any foreign body or animal fats.The product is suitable for biodiesel Production.

What we do…

We offer more than just quality products and exceedingly good service!

We are one of most reputable international general trading company that represents leading manufacturers and suppliers on an international scale. Being a reliable and trustworthy supplier, we have the innate capability to execute orders of all sizes. We strive to provide the highest quality products and services for the most affordable price. Honesty, integrity, and value are what our company’s reputation is built upon. We put our best foot forward to be the most efficient and professional company in the industry, while promptly delivering only the highest quality products and services – we place our customers as the first priority in all stages of the product and service delivery chain.


Our suppliers usually have available material in stock for supply. After customer places order, material will be transferred to warehouse for cargo arrangement. Thanks to the work team who are skillful, commodities are soon prepared, packaged and containerized. Normally it takes 2-7 working days from the date of deposit to process and load shipment depending on order quantity.

Related documents such as Booking Note, Bill of Lading and information about the status of the cargo shall be updated to the buyer regularly.

We also try to cooperate accurately with forwarders or shipping line to make sure customer’s cargo is delivered on time every time.


Customers who have entered into business with us are not only direct buyers or end users but also broker or a third party who find our policy is favorable to join. We always appreciate and would like to welcome all valued opportunities which broker agent offer. On revert, broker agent get their commission upon the mutual agreement between two parties.

Every transaction related to brokerage and commission will be specialized by Commission Agreement and information is kept secret.